Directorate of Pension Provident Fund and Insurance(DoPPFI)

Department of Finance, Government of Madhya Pradesh

General Deficiency


1. Date of birth either not noted or corrected , struck off ,over written etc. which is not attested.

2. Service verification certificate not recorded in the Service Book for some period thereby creating gaps in service.

3. Pay fixation not checked.

4. Service Book does not contain nomination for D.C.R.G.

           5. Family details not correctly furnished.

6. Date of Birth of the Children not authenticated.

7. Following Documents not found attached-

a. No demand certificate.

b. Last pay certificate.

c. No event certificate.

d. Consent for recovery.

e. Declaration regarding non-receipt of pension/DCRG.

f. Details of anticipatory Pension/Gratuity.

g. Name of treasury from where payment is desired.

h. Residential address of the pensioner.

8. Medical certificate in Form 22 not attached.

Last Updated : 19 Aug, 2019