Directorate of Pension Provident Fund and Insurance(DoPPFI)

Department of Finance, Government of Madhya Pradesh





1. Minimum qualifying service for D.C.R.G. is five years.

2. DCRG is calculated at the rate of 1/4 th of monthly emoluments* last drawn before retirement for each completed six monthly period, subject to maximum of 16(1/2) times

of emoluments. (RULE 44)

DCRG = last month’s emoluments X 6 monthly period of (**QS)/4

3. On completion of the minimum qualifying service of five years, if the employee dies while in service D.C.R.G. shall be equal to 12 times the emoluments or the amount as

determined above, which ever is higher.

4. If the employee dies after retirement and if the determined Pension & Gratuity is less than 12 times of the emoluments, then the difference is payable to the family of the

deceased.( This is known as residuary Gratuity).

5. Nomination to be filled in Form (1) and (2)( Rule 46 )

6. Application for Nomination is to be submitted to the Head Of Office.

7. Maximum limit of D.C.R.G is Rs. 10 lacs.

Note:- *Emoluments include Dearness allowance also.

**QS: – Qualifying Service

Last Updated : 19 Aug, 2019