1. Who gets  -


- Families of deceased government servants, who had

  joined the  service after due medical examination.

         - Families of the retired employees who on the date of

           death were entitled for  pension or gratuity.

         - Parents dependent on the deceased for livelihood, in the

           absence of spouse / sons / daughters , eligible for family



   2.Admissible period of payment-


         -Widow / widower                   -Till the date of death or

                                                         remarriage, which ever

                                                         is earlier.

         -Son                                       - Till he attains the age of

                                                          25 years.

         -Unmarried daughter                - Till age of 25 years or

                                                          marriage which ever

                                                          is earlier.

         -Widowed/divorced daughter    - Till age of 25 years or

                                                          marriage / remarriage

                                            which ever  is earlier.