Downloadable Forms for the Pension Application


Form  Description

Form No.
1. Nomination for  Death Cum-Retirement Gratuity Form 1
2. Nomination for  Death Cum-Retirement Gratuity (without Family) Form 2
3. Details of Family Form 3
4. Assessing For Pension & Gratuity  Form 6
5. Memo To The Audit Officer   Form 7
6. Memo to the Member of the family of a deceased Govt. Servant where valid nomination for the grant of the Death-cum-retirement gratuity exists. Form 9
7. Memo to the member of Deceased Govt. Servant where valid nominations for the grant of the death-cum-retirement gratuity does not exist Form 10

Form of application for the grant Death-cum-Retirement gratuity on the death of the Govt. Servant

Form 11

Form of memo to the widow/widower of a deceased Govt. servant for grant of contributory family pension

Form 12

Form of application for the grant of contributory family pension on the death of a Govt. servant/pensioner

Form 13

Form for Assessing and Sanctioning Family Pension-cum-Retirement Gratuity when a Govt. servant dies while in service

Form 17
12. Form of letter to the Audit Officer forwarding paper for the grant of family pension and Death-cum-retirement gratuity to the family of a Govt. servant who dies while in service. Form 18
13. Form of Letter Sanctioning Contributory Family Pension to the child or Children of a Retired Govt. Servant who dies after Retirement but does not leave behind a widow/Widower Form 19
14. Form of letter sanctioning family pension to the child or children on the death or re-marriage of a widow / widower who was in receipt of contributory family pension. Form 20
15. Form of Application of the Grant for Residuary Gratuity on the death of a Pensioner  Form 21
16. Form of Medical Certificate  Form 22
17. Declaration Form 25
18. Undertaking Form 26
19. Form of certificate of Verification of Service for Pension Form 27
20. Form for qualifying 20 years of Service Form 28
21. Form for qualifying 25 years of Service Form 29
22. Form of application for family pension of spouse from post retiral marriage and children born after retirement Form 30