Pension case  shall require the following:- 

1  Pension Forms:

                  a. Forms 6 ()  and 6 ()or

                  b. Forms 6 () & 6 () (In case of family pension)

2. Service Book.

3. Memorandum of average emoluments reckoned for pension.

4. Three -specimen signatures duly attested by Gazetted

    Government Servant.

5. Three copies of passport size joint Photographs duly attested

    by the  head of office  (For pension).


            Three attested copies of passport size photographs of the

             beneficiary duly attested  (For family pension) .


        6. Three copies showing the particulars of height and

            identification  marks duly attested by the head of office.

 7. Nomination for DCRG.

 8. Consent for recovery.

 9. No demand certificate.*

 10. Last pay certificate.*

 11. No event certificate.*

 12. Declaration regarding non-receipt of pension and DCRG.

 13. Family details in Form 3.

 14.Allocation of pension /DCRG.

         15. Details of anticipatory pension/DCRG paid and a

               certificate of stopping further  payment in respect

               of payment out side M.P.

         16. In case of invalidation pension medical certificate to be

               attached (In Form 22).


          Note: - Any event that may have a bearing on the amount of

                     pension admissible is to be  reported  to the pension

                     sanctioning authority.


         *Note:- In case the pension case is sent in advance to  Divisional /

                    District Pension Officers , certificates at  S.No. 9,10, 11  and

15     will be  sent  after the retirement, by the head of office

 to the Treasury  Officer   


 Divisional / District Pension Officers .