Directorate of Pension Provident Fund and Insurance(DoPPFI)

Department of Finance, Government of Madhya Pradesh

Travelling Allowances



· Pensioner & his family are entitled to payment of travelling allowance from the head quarter, to the Home Town as mentioned in the Service Book. (If hometown is out side

M.P., the T.A. is admissible upto the last railway station of M.P.).

· Family includes –

a. Wife or Husband of the employee.

b. Son(s)& unmarried daughter(s).

c. Parents.

d. Unmarried & Widowed sister(s).

e. Minor Brother(s).

The above should be dependents on the employee & should be residing with him or her.

· Claim stands valid upto a period of one year from the date of retirement.

· Those appointed on contract, Work charged, Contingency paid employees or those retired compulsorily cannot claim T.A.

Note:- Bill for T.A. is to be submitted to the head of office and will be paid by that office.

Last Updated : 19 Aug, 2019